Tuesday, February 18, 2020

More Fun with 9" x 12" ATC MIXUP 1 and ATC MIXUP 2 Stencils and Masks

How did these ...

...ATC masks acquire their paint stains?

After carefully separating these masks from the rest of ATC Mixup 1 -- it helps to use fine-detail-cutting scissors, or a plastic cutting mat with knife -- I placed them on a sheet of wet media film (polyester film that's pre-treated to accept wet media; it comes in matte or glossy.)

Next, I randomly scattered small squirts of Golden High Flow acrylics around the masks, and atop them.  

I weighed each of the masks down onto the wet media film, using jumbo-sized "glass pebbles" (normally used as decoration on fish tank floors.)  It was important to keep the edges of each mask firmly in place; otherwise, its outlines would come out blurry or too faint in the finished piece.

Below is one of several sheets that I made in this way; I've red-circled an imprint left behind after I used one of the "glass pebbles" to weigh down the center of the wet media film.  On this particular sheet, I used cool-range Golden High Flow colors (blue, green, etc.)

On another sheet, I used warm-range Golden High Flow acrylics.  After the paint had dried, I cut this sheet into pieces of irregular shapes --

I may make refrigerator magnets with these irregular shapes, the same as I plan to do with the masks themselves (shown in an earlier post.)

But with one piece, I'm making a greeting card cover, using this paper --

-- as my background.  This sheet of gorgeous paper was decorated by bookmaker-artist Carlotta Holman, and she generously included it in a swap among members of StencilGirl StencilClub.

The card cover:

Tomorrow's post will continue showing ways to use my just-released 9" x 12" stencil-and-mask sets ATC Mixup 1 and ATC Mixup 2.

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