Monday, February 24, 2020

Something for Everyone in ATC MIXUP 1 and ATX MIXUP 2

ATC Mixup 1 and ATC Mixup 2, together or separately, give a lot of bang for the buck -- each sturdy 9" x 12" Mylar sheet holds 9 images.  Something for everyone. 

For cat lovers, images I've created in memory of my first beloved cat, now purring in heaven:

Above and below:  2 prints, each made with one of the 3 Cats in ATC Mixup 1.

For texture lovers:  The two Artist Trading Cards below were made with Fantasia, one of the 9 images in ATC Mixup 1. Both were started by spreading modeling paste thru the mask.  

The first ATC below was made on purple and white watercolor paper, and after the paste had dried, the raised areas were painted with gold metallic paint.  After waiting for that paint to dry, I added Micaceous Iron Oxide (Golden paint) to the whole surface and rubbed most of it into the areas between the raised gold areas.

And the ATC below, made on a metallic red paper.  After its modeling paste had dried, the raised areas were painted with a brighter gold metallic paint.  

Love hot air balloons?  The two multi-prints below were made with Hot Air Balloon from ATC Mixup 1.  Inspired by my original Hot Air Balloons, which come in 2 sizes, this image provides the same graphic but in a different size from either of the originals.

Breathes there anyone with soul so dead that he or she doesn't love penguins?  The two prints below were made with ATC Mixup 2's Penguin (inspired by my original 6" x 6" mask Penguin Family.)

Above:  After printing the penguin on black cardstock using metallic silver paint, I cut out the penguin and glued it to the photo from an old calendar.

Below:  an ATC printed with heavy-body Titanium White acrylic paint.

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