Sunday, February 16, 2020

ATCs Continued

This is what my worktable looked like while I was preparing art samples made with my new 9" x 12" ATC Mixup 1 and ATC Mixup 2.  Can you tell I had fun?

Until I'd designed the 18 images on my just-released 9" x 12" ATC Mixup 1 and ATC Mixup 2, I'd never used ATC stencils ... so guess what I learned?  Better to cut them apart before using them!  Who knew? -- probably everyone else on Planet Earth!  I came to this as clueless as if I'd been living under a rock!

But after catching on, I experimented with a variety of applications, in addition to ATCs:  bookmarks, refrigerator magnets, art journal embellishments, gift-tags, gift-wrap, and most of all, greeting cards.

The first image below was printed with a triangle-shaped mini Gelli Plate and Diagonal Mania from ATC Mixup 1 .  When the triangular shape emerged, I decided it looked enough like a Christmas tree to be labeled as one....

Again I used Diagonal Mania from ATC Mixup 1this time to make the horizontal ATC below --

Switching to ATC Mixup 2, I chose Fern Fronds Silhouette for creating a greeting card cover with a base of Chinese Joss paper.  Clicking here, you can see what this paper looks like before being used and you can buy some of your own.  The central area of this particular kind of joss paper is a thin sheet of pseudo gold leaf which is highly reflective, altho the photo below doesn't show this quality.  

ATC Mixup 2's Fern Fronds Silhouette was derived from my original 
Fern Fronds Silhouette Mini (4" x 4"), which looks like this:
Below is a three-dimensional art sample with a base of 140-lb. hot press watercolor paper that I'd previously stained with bubble-blowing fluid and purple ink, both diluted with water.

To get these raised surfaces, I used light modeling paste with Sprigs from ATC Mixup 2.

Sprigs is another ATC derived from a larger original of my design -- 6" x 6" Sprigs, which looks like this --

As the two examples above demonstrate, the ATCs derived from my original stencils are similar to their inspirations, but they vary in size-scale (and in some cases, other ways), so they can stand alone as independent individuals.

However, the ATCs are enough like their original designs that they can be used with them, getting results that I really like.  I'll be highlighting those combinations in a future post.

Meanwhile:  Below is a print created on Chinese Joss paper, using an ATC image from ATC Mixup 1.  Its title is Unfurling Leaves, and in its case there was no original stencil of larger size.  It is instead a brand-new design.

Embossed foil embellishments (upper left on the card below) are called Dresden embellishments, available from several Etsy retailers as well as here.

Below are two prints created with ATC Mixup 2's design Swan, which is another new image, never before appearing in larger size.


This image may appear to be a cut-out, but it's actually a print made with heavy-body
Titanium White acrylic paint.  It's on glossy black cardstock that I'd previously blotted with copper metallic and aqua acrylic paints.

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