Monday, February 17, 2020

Refrigerator Magnets Made with ATC Masks

More ways to use my two new 9" x 12" stencils ATC Mixup 1 and ATC Mixup 2:

Pictured below:  the first of several paint-stained cat masks from ATC mixup 1.  Now that the paint has dried, my next step will be to place a sturdy round magnet to the underside, making it a refrigerator magnet.  

This magnet comes with a self-adhesive surface, but, for those who want a stronger hold, it can be reinforced with a glue like heavy gloss gel medium.  

I'll be adding the magnet right behind the darkest area of paint, to keep it from being visually obvious, since the paint-stained mask is somewhat translucent.

More paint-stained masks ready to become refrigerator magnets:

The two paint-stained Swan masks, below, come from ATC Mixup 2 --

The paint-stained mask Osprey, above, also comes from ATC Mixup 2and this design was inspired by one of my original stencils, 6" x 6" Osprey Wings, which looks like this:

The new, ATC-sized Osprey was created to be used in tandem with these original, larger images of osprey -- because the new stencil is differently sized, using it along with the original can help create a sense of depth in an artwork.  Objects that are smaller to the eye, appear to be more distant than the same objects larger in size.  A sense of depth creates more visual drama than would exist otherwise.

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