Wednesday, February 12, 2020

New ATC Mix-Up 9" x 12" Stencils and Masks Released Today at StencilGirlProducts(TM)!

These brand-new 18 images -- mostly stencils, with several masks included as a bonus -- are sized for creating Artist Trading Cards, but in playing with them, I've decided to explore a wider range of possibilities -- gift-tags, collage elements, embellishments for art journal pages, hanging ornaments, and even refrigerator magnets!

Some of those images are "echoes" of full-sized stencils and masks that I'd designed previously.  But in every case, the designs differ from the originals.  They stand alone as independents; and of course, they can also be used with the original stencils and masks that inspired their creation.

Not every one of these ATCs is derived from an original stencil that's proven popular during these happy years of my designing for StencilGirlProducts(TM.)  

Why not?  Good question!  Step to the head of the class!

Except for the month that I took off while recovering from a concussion, I spent about 6 months focusing on the intriguing idea of shrinking original designs, with the goal of developing 18 images, each roughly 2.5" x 3.5" ... and what I learned was that not every design can be successfully miniaturized!  Believe me, I tried!   

So I filled the gaps with designs that'd never yet seen the light of day.  

ATC Mixup 1 holds these images:

Top row L to R--
Diagonal Mania
Desert Blooms
Unfurling Leaves

Middle row L to R—
Ski Lift Works
Cat 1
Cat 2

Bottom row L to R—
Cat 3
Hot Air Balloon

ATC Mixup 2 holds these images:

Top row L to R--
Ornamental Iron Curls

Middle row L to R—
Mikki's Flowers

Bottom row L to R—
Fern Fronds Silhouette
Osprey Wings

Since Valentine's Day arrives in 2 days, today's post features my own versions of unique Valentine-themed art samples, all created with these just-released stencils.

Featuring Fantasia from ATC Mixup 1

Below:  Five cat lovers' Valentines, each decorated with a Dresden foil embellishment.  (More about these embellishments, including links, will appear soon, as I continue a daily series of posts to show art samples made from my two new ATC sheets.)  All five of these samples feature Cats from ATC mixup 1.

The image below features Hot Air Balloon from ATC mixup 1.

Below:  Mikki's Flowers from ATC mixup 2 ....

Above: Sprigs (ATC Mixup 2.) Below: Ornamental Iron Curls (ATC Mixup 2.)

A hearty thank-you to everyone who's landed here at my blog today!

My future posts will continue to showcase ways to use my two brand-new ATC Mixup 9" x 12" stencils and masks.  Want to follow this blog by email? -- please use that option in the upper right sidebar.  

To scroll thru the pages of my StencilGirl stencils and masks, start here.

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