Thursday, February 13, 2020

Dry Rubbing Technique in Art-Making

Dry rubbing is an art-tool/technique that I've covered, with directions and photos, here

Above is a close-up shot of a dry rubbing I made using a China Marker, mineral paper and my 9" x 12" stencil Blooming Where Planted.  Almost any dry medium will work for dry rubbing, but I usually opt for a water-resistant or waterproof medium  -- China Marker, oil pastel crayon, regular crayon, Shiva Stick, color pencil, charcoal, graphite pencil, etc. -- because after the rubbing is finished, a waterproof or water-resistant medium will allow me to come back in with a wet medium like acrylic ink, Golden High Flow acrylics, watercolor, etc.

Below:  a pair of recent close-up shots of dry rubbings, this time swinging the spotlight over to an image from ATC Mixup 2which is one of my two new 9" x 12" stencils.  

The first image below was made with a reddish Art Bar crayon and textured off-white (creamy) paper.

Above:  a dry rubbing of Sprigs, an ATC-sized graphic from ATC Mixup 2 ; this design is derived from my original 6" x 6" mask Sprigsbut its swirls and loops are differently sized, so that these two can be used together for beautifully intricate results.

Above:  my original 6" x 6" mask Sprigs

Below:  a dry-rubbing bookmark made with the ATC-sized  Sprigs.  In this example, I used gold metallic paper and a black crayon. 

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