Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Make Jewelry with ATC-Sized Stencil Prints

One of the fun aspects of ATC-sized images is that parts of them can be cut down to ultra-small sizes and used in making jewelry.

Bracelet and pendant "blanks" are available to make the process easy; some ideas are here.  

And here....

...oh my!  here ....

And for a wider choice of style check here.

My just-released stencils (and masks) ATC Mixup 1 and ATC Mixup 2 (each 9" x 12" and each containing 9 images) give lots of opportunity to make prints, then hunt for small detailed areas that can shine, literally, as crowns on pieces of jewelry.

Diagonal Mania, from ATC Mixup 1used in creating the greeting card cover below, is just one example that offers areas of intricate design.  


Altho not pictured in this post, one way to make the jewelry pop is to start with a black glossy cardstock background, then make the stencil or mask prints with intereference or "metallic" acrylic paints, both of which glow because of tiny chips of mica embedded into the paint.

Another of my ATC images with great opportunity to star as jewelry:

The print above was made with Ski Lift Works, also from ATC Mixup 1.  And as you can see, it provides areas of intricate detail that would work beautifully in a jewelry-making session.  (But for jewelry, you'd probably want to steer away from using the crackle medium that I used in making the Artist Trading Card above.)

Below is a print made with Ornamental Iron Curls, another of the images included in my new 9" x 12" stencil ATC Mixup 1.  In this art sample, I used gold foil background paper -- which would be yet another good basis for developing papers to use in making jewelry. 

For making jewelry, the ATC Ornamental Iron Curls design would work equally well as the original 6" x 6" mask Ornamental Iron Curls -- both yield areas of intricate details. 

In similar vein, ATC Mixup 2 includes an image titled Sprigs; a sample print is shown below.  For making jewelry, the ATC Sprigs design would work equally well as the original 6" x 6" mask Sprigs.  Both give you areas of intricate details. 

Have fun making your own unique jewelry!

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