Sunday, February 23, 2020

Interference Paint with ATC MIXUP 1 and ATC MIXUP 2

ATC Mixup 1 and ATC Mixup 2each 9" x 12", together bring you 18 images in stencils (with bonus masks), all sized for creating Artist Trading Cards.  But I've explored many other applications -- bookmarks, gift-tags, collage elements, greeting card covers, embellishments for art journal pages, hanging ornaments, and even refrigerator magnets! 

Recently I explored in a new direction, using these ATC stencils and masks in a "mass production" print, all on black paper, all using heavy-body "red" interference paint applied with a sponge brayer.  

As I understand it, interference (and the somewhat similar iridescent acrylic paints) are embedded with fine particles of mica that bring light-play into art-making.  Interference paints literally interfere with the light that hits their surface, once they're used (and allowed to dry) on dark backgrounds.  Iridescent paints give the visual illusion that they're "metallic" because of their sheen when light hits them.  (When iridescent paints are white, they often are labeled as "pearl" because of they look, well, pearl-like!)  

Both these types of paint come in shades, each tinted with a specific color; they're available in red, green, blue, gold, silver, etc.

For today's post, I used interference paint labeled "red" in the lower two-thirds of this black background and gold across the top.  When light hits "red" interference paint after it's died on black paper, it actually appears more pink than red.

In making most of these prints, I applied paint in the usual way -- holding the stencil or mask down, and rolling the paint across the top.  

In a couple of cases, however, right after making the first print with a stencil or mask, I turned the stencil or mask over and pressed its still-wet surface onto the paper with enough hand pressure to make a reverse print.

Below are 4 photos showing 2 of these prints ....

The above Artist Trading Card features Unfurling Leaves from ATC Mixup 1.  It's the "positive" print created by my holding the mask with one hand while running a paint-loaded brayer over the top of the mask.
Below is another ATC card; this one is the "negative" print achieved by quickly turning over the freshly paint-covered mask, and pressing that still-wet side to the paper -- using the mask in the same way that you would use an inked-up rubber stamp. 

  Below are two more examples, both created with the stencil Thistles from ATC Mixup 2 :

Above is the positive print used on an ATC.  Below is the negative print made with the wet paint side of the stencil pressed to black paper, right after making the positive print:

More art samples made from my "mass production" black paper using  
ATC Mixup 1 and ATC Mixup 2 --

ATC made with ATC Mixup 1's Diagonal Mania 

ATC made with Mikki's Flowers from ATC Mixup 2 

ATC made with Ski Lift Works from ATC Mixup 2

A giftbag printed with Mikki's Flowers from ATC Mixup 2 and glued to a background printed with my 9" x 12" Facets.

A giftbag printed with Hot Air Balloon from ATC Mixup 1

Made with ATC Mixup 2 ' Ornamental Iron Curls

Printed with Swan from ATC Mixup 2 and glued to a background printed with my 9" x 12" Looking Up Through Trees. 

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